Public Power for Montgomery County

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Montgomery County deserves a reliable electric system. We can get one--a Public Utility answering to the people, not stockholders.

1952 when Montgomery County Council tried to reign in Pepco

Take a look at the text of this proposed ordinance for a Pepco franchise. Pepco didn’t like it and went to the PSC to craft a deal that gives it a PERPETUAL franchise to operate in our county.

Here is what might have been.

The Entire 1952 Ordinance


— 12 months ago
WAMU covers our first Public Meeting on Public Power →

Take a look and listen to WAMU’s coverage of our first meeting Oct. 3 in Silver Spring. 

— 2 years ago
A Public Meeting on Public Power →

Our first public meeting on Public Power. Learn about how Montgomery County can benefit from a people-owned electric utility from experts from the American Public Power Association. Wednesday evening, October 3rd. Follow the link for more information.

— 2 years ago
County attorney public power memo ignores existing Maryland public systems

The MoCo county attorney last year drafted a very discouraging memo on starting a county-owned electric utility. This memo has been held up by county leadership as a bar to starting our own system.

I have concerns with the county attorney’s memo. My sense is it was written specifically to discourage county leadership from taking action on a move to public power. What leads me to this conclusion? No where in the memo is there any mention of the five existing municipal electric utilities in Maryland today.

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— 2 years ago
A sample RFP for Public Power Feasibility Study →

Here is an example of a RFP for a feasibility study on changing to Public Power. For our friends on county council….

— 2 years ago
Listen to the 8/16 WAMU Kojo Nnamdi show on Public Power. →

A great review of public power—its advantages and how we can set up our own utility in Montgomery County.

— 2 years ago
Pepco not afraid of Governor. No Surprise.

Here is an excerpt of the most recent Pepco investor call. The question is from Maury May from Wellington Shields and was answered by PHI President Joe Rigby, The text is from Seeking Alpha.

Maury May – Wellington Shields

Okay. And then my second question is again on Maryland. And I guess I’m just trying to find some kind of silver lining here. But the date of the governor’s panel, when it was announced, was just five days after the rather punishing rate decision. And I’m just wondering whether once the punishment is meted out, does the governor and the Maryland body politic now move forward in working with you instead of working against you? Or am I just smoking something?

Joe Rigby

No, I don’t think you’re smoking something. I’d like to think that there’s an understanding that one thing leads to another and that there is a point of kind of a reasonable view that we’ve got to be able to move ahead.

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— 2 years ago
Pepco Political Contributions

Take a look at the list of Pepco campaign contributions. Who gets the most Pepco money? Look and see.

— 2 years ago
No Short-Term Solution to the Pepco Problem

Most people do not want to remain angry and hold onto negative experiences. Stress is not a pleasant and it is healthy to move on. That is what Pepco and the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) rely on to manage public opinion—overt anger subsides over time, once a the power is back on.

Pepco Holdings Inc. will ask the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) for rate increases every nine months until gaining what it wants. Anthony J. Kamerick, Pepco Holdings’ chief regulatory officer said so on the company’s quarterly investors call. I believe him. While Pepco representatives constantly lie to us, they will not do the same to stockholders.

It is tempting to think there is a short-term solution to the Pepco Problem.

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— 2 years ago
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Boulder Colorado wants public power for green electricity

Boulder voted to create Colorado’s 30th publicly-owned Light & Power Utility. It is a win for local control, less coal and energy innovation. The campaign website is here-

Boulder acted primarily to boost renewable-sourced electricity for their community to have a lower carbon footprint on the world.

— 2 years ago
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